About Dottie

This is a fun place to share stories, tips, tricks, facts, Dottie-isms, you name it. As a chinchilla owner to Zelda, but never a sole dog owner, I’m laying everything on the table. Questions, funny stories, trials & tribulations, as well as heartfelt sentiments about this little Goldendoodle that has forever changed my world (& Zelda’s too, maybe not for the better at this point)!

Here’s some facts:

  • Dottie was born on November 2, 2016
  • she has 6 brothers & sisters, a Golden Retriever mom and a Poodle dad
  • her brothers & sisters don’t live with us
  • she is expected to reach 40-60 pounds when full grown, watch her transformation with us here
  • she loves playing in the snow
  • we think her friend Pepper could be an Entlebucher Mountain Dog, but maybe something else as well
  • her chinchilla sister she hasn’t met yet is about 7-8 years old and loves to jump off things, but doesn’t like being held