She’s Bigger!

Wow! It’s been a long time.

Since our last post, Dottie has grown quite a bit, but she has also learned. She isn’t quite the Naughty Dottie she once was, thank goodness. Since our last update, she’s lost quite a few baby teeth, but have since been quickly replaced by new, adult teeth. She’ll soon be well acquainted with the invisible fence we’re having installed! We’ve trained her with the fence now for about three weeks. She is at a point in which she understands where it is and if she crosses it she’ll feel a shock. Her biting is only bad when she has to go to the bathroom. We aren’t sure why that’s her cue for “I have to poop,” but it is almost always the case.

It pays to take the time to properly train your puppy. Once Dottie is a bit older, everyday things will hopefully be close to normal. For example, when she is around people and other pets, knowing what is ok and what is not around the house, where and when to go to the bathroom all make a huge difference in how a day plays out. One day, she won’t need her kennel anymore, but will want to go in it to feel safe and comforted. Here’s a few pictures from last week-we made an announcement to friends and family that we’re expecting a fourth family member. As you can tell, Dottie sure seems excited…


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