Week 1 with Dottie

Today Dottie is 8 weeks and 6 days old. What will the next 8 weeks will be like?

Here’s a visual of how much she has grown since the stair picture was taken (she was about 7 weeks old then):

Since last Saturday, these are Dottie’s tendencies & things she’s done:

  • met 5 other dogs plus more at Petsmart
  • loves to snuggle
  • takes many naps
  • is very good about going potty¬†& poop outside (& letting us know when it’s time to go)
  • likes to bite pants, shoes & hands
  • is clumsy, especially on wood floors
  • likes to chew rugs, blankets & chew toys
  • drank coffee for the first time yesterday
  • likes to dig in the dirt and grass (where there is no snow)
  • doesn’t like her leash, but gets better day by day
  • mastered the art of escaping her playpen, leaving the gate undisturbed
  • laid, sat & played in the snow for extended periods of time

So far, this pup is pretty darn good. She is learning everyday while also being exposed to different people, places & things. Dottie is very easy to train, as long as we stick with a consistent routine.


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