Naughty Dottie

You guessed it; this week has been very trying & full of biting.

Dottie is teething and really likes to bite. She bites everything including us, our hands and feet. It hurts, a lot. I feel for her. I bet her mouth hurts terribly, but it really hurts when she bites us too. This is a list of what we’ve done to handle the situation when she bites us or something she shouldn’t & the results:

  • say ‘No,’ or ‘Bad girl,’ or a combination of both — she still continues to bite & growl
  • put her in her crate for a time out — tends to work sometimes, but not always
  • pick her up & relocate her — doesn’t really work
  • put a toy in her mouth — works sometimes

Let’s hope this is truly just teething. If so, it should stop soon! Good thing she’s cute!



  1. Lauren Palermo

    Since we just went through this with Duncan, I feel your pain! It’s super frustrating and hurts! It DOES get better! I really thought for awhile Duncan was biting just to bite at times. He gets lots of ice cubes! For the biting you can try a spray bottle with water. We tried it for a short time and it worked briefly, but then it just made him a little aggressive, so we stopped. The other thing we started doing was when he’s biting you put your hand under his jaw and with your tumb and fingers kindof push the edges of the back of his mouth in so then when he bites down he’s biting himself instead of you and realizes that it hurts. Also, we learned time out was the best thing ever! He has a time out spot that’s not his kennel, because we didn’t want him thinking everytime he goes in his kennel he’s in trouble. So he has a spot in the kitchen attached to his lesh and we take all his toys away and ingore him for a few minutes. We just had to be very consistent with it and everytime saying time out and bring him over. At first he was getting a lot of time outs, but now we can say do you want a time out and most of the time he just stops what he’s doing.

    • kallipayment

      Thanks for the awesome comment, Lauren! I recall you mentioned some of these things before. This is very helpful information. I’m happy to know that it gets better. I’m crossing my fingers until she loses her first tooth! Is that bad? :0D

  2. Lauren Palermo

    It gets better once the puppy teeth have grown in for a couple of weeks and then the biting starts a little again once the adult teeth come in, but the biting and chewing haven’t been as bad with the adult teeth. I think Duncan’s lost most of his baby teeth at this point, but you can tell on days when his teeth hurt because he’ll bite more and has no energy to play.

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